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Welke symptomen/ongemakken ervaar je?

  • Bezweet
  • Oververhit
  • Duizelig
  • Hoofdpijn
  • Vermoeidheid
  • Prikkelbaar
  • Concentratieproblemen
  • Rode warmte uitslag
  • Lusteloos
  • Droge ogen
  • Droge huid
  • Scheuren in houten meubels
  • Statische elektriciteit
  • Droge lippen
  • Droge hoest
  • Verstopte neus
  • Droge luchtwegen
  • Scheuren in houten vloer
  • Huidirritatie
  • Kriebelende neus
  • Geïrriteerde ogen
  • Loopneus
  • Misselijk
  • Hooikoorts
  • Muffe geur
  • Schimmelvorming
  • Vochtplekken
  • Astma
  • Eczeem
  • Huisstofmijt
  • Chronische bronchitis
  • Verkoudheid
  • Zilvervisjes in huis
  • Pijnlijke gewrichten
  • Geïrriteerde luchtwegen
  • Koude handen en voeten
  • Rillerig
  • Klappertanden

Reducing carbon footprint

We are continuously looking for ways to optimize and shorten our supply chain to minimize our carbon footprint. This entails every step of our business from raw material sourcing to last mile delivery to consumers. On top of that we are compensating co2 emission from commuting and our office entirely runs on sustainable energy! Compensation is done by planting and adopting trees in cooperation with LifeTerra.

Smarter packaging

To reduce our logistic footprint, our engineers are constantly optimizing our packaging’s by decreasing the size to fit more products on a pallet and in a container. This also includes looking at packaging assembly (less air in packaging) and development of components (smaller and more flexible. We have replaced Styrofoam for paper pulp interiors in most of our packaging’s and minimized the use of single use/disposable plastics.

We’re aiming to introduce our first plastic-free packaging by the end of this year!


Efficient components = smaller packaging = less load on pallet/container = less emissions!

Paper pulp

We have replaced Styrofoam for paper pulp interiors in most of our packaging’s. Paper pulp (best known from egg cartons) is strong, durable and can be fully recyclced!

Disposable plastics

We have replaced traditional PE bags (also known as disposable plastic bags) for non-woven bags in most of our packaging’s to reduce the use of single use plastics.

Product life extension

New products are being developed with reparability in mind to enable customers to conduct repairs at home instead of disposing or returning the whole product. We’re also repairing bulky products at the consumers home (Stay Cool service) and making sure to keep spare parts available for self repairment (DIY) to prevent consumers from sending back products unnecessary and preventing logistic movements. Returned products are being checked and when possible repaired with new parts to be sold in refurbished state! Defective productive are recycled according to the guidelines of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to contribute to sustainable production and consumption.

Contributing from the office

Also at the office there are countless ways in which we can make our contribution. Small steps are just as important as big ones. The more steps we take, the more they contribute together. And we have only just begun.

  • Walking/stand-up meetings
  • Conscious printing (with wall of shame!)
  • Waste segregation
  • Walking competition
  • Hybrid working

Sustainable development goals

To guide us in our road to sustainability, we have committed ourselves to three sustainable development goals that were initiated by the UN in 2015. Click on each initiative to learn more about it or go to the UN website.